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IXIL L3X Black Hyperlow Dual Exit Full System - Yamaha XSR 700 2021-22

IXIL L3X Black Hyperlow Dual Exit Full System - Yamaha XSR 700 2021-22

Absolutely deserving of 5 stars!
I dropped in on the offchance I could pick up an exhaust for my bike.
I was given some really useful advice, a very fair price, and ended up chatting about bikes for about an hour I think.
As well as the friendly, helpful service in the shop, what really stood out to me as stellar service was how they dealt with a mistake - we were having a cracking conversation about bikes and the roads around Coleford, and ended up with me being handed the wrong box.
This was an easy mistake to make as the exhaust was packed in a plan box, which I didn't spot until getting home to Bristol. I dropped them an email, within 10 minutes I had a phonecall from James. I was half expecting the standard "apologies for any inconvenience we may have caused, please post it back". What actually happened was a genuine apology from James and an offer of Steve to personally drive a replacement to me in Bristol (a 2 hour round trip)!

Mistakes happen, what really sets James and Steve apart from other places is how they reacted to that mistake.
They couldn't have done any better. I'll definitely be going back.

TLDR: Customer service bang on, friendly, good prices. Go there!
Adam Whitlock - 24/2/23
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