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All You Need To Know About The New Puig Multi-Adjustable Visor 2.0

All You Need To Know About The New Puig Multi-Adjustable Visor 2.0

We’ve got some good news, especially if you’re someone who likes to upgrade their motorcycle with accessories which improve your performance or aesthetics. 

As you may know, we’ve been an official Puig UK distributor for many years. We're particular about who we distribute for because we want to ensure our customers get the best of the best, and they don’t come better than Puig when it comes to motorcycle accessories. 

And on that note, in our latest blog we’re going look at one of their latest releases - the multi-adjustable clip on windscreen visor 2.0 and what benefits it offers you.


Why Puig?

First of all, in case you’re new to our site or haven’t heard of them before, we'll introduce you to Puig. Puig are world renowned manufacturer of motorcycle and scooter accessories based in Granollers, near Barcelona in Spain. 

They’ve been manufacturing and innovating since 1964, starting out by manufacturing complete fairings in polyester fibres for Derbi & Vespas. From that point they have gone from strength to strength, expanding their operations to become a global player in motorcycle accessories and parts. They boast an 8,000 sq.m. facility in their native Granollers which houses the 3 arms of the company - Commercial, Thermoformed and Metallic Components as well as an office and warehouse in Orlando, Florida. 

Their attention to detail and innovation using technology is what sets them apart. This includes their pioneering virtual wind tunnel which helps guide the design of all their products, finding shapes that combine the best aerodynamics with better wind protection, improving your performance and safety whilst rising, whether it’s on the track or on the road.


Puig Logo


The Multi-Adjustable Clip On Windscreen Visor 2.0 from Puig

As we’d mentioned, in 2022 Puig have released the Multi-Adjustable Clip On Windscreen Visor 2.0 which is a must have for improving your protection from wind, other weather or possible impacts whilst riding on your route. It’s made from polycarbonate with a minimalist design and has an anti-scratch finish. It’s firm, resistant and offers perfect vision with its transparency.

The visor measures 300mm wide and 130mm high which are the perfect measurements for protecting you against wind blast, diverting it away from sensitive areas such as your helmet and torso. Another added benefit is avoiding turbulence and helping to divert sounds which can distract you whilst riding. You can change the position of the visor in up to 4 rotations, which with the included installation guide, allows you to adjust the height by 100mm which become infinite positions that allow it to adjust to your preference.   

It’s available in either clear or light smoked material so that when installed it doesn’t look odd with the aesthetics of your bike. Best of all, it’s universal. That means whatever screen you currently have on your motorcycle, no matter what curvature it has, the visor anchors to it with the clips and after the installation, you simply adjust it with your hand to the right position for you so you get the maximum benefit for your ride. The installation is really quick and simple and guides also come with the help with how to best adjust it for you. These have been very popular since release and are really effective at high speeds.


Puig Multi-Adjustable Visor 2.0


 Find Out More First Hand From Puig

Check out the video below to hear from the Puig team themselves in their promotional video for the new product. This shows your first hand the design and manufacturing expertise which has gone into the visor to create the perfect product which improves your performance as well as the look of your bike.



Again, not only is it effective for safety and performance, but the way they’re designed means they fit in with any custom or OEM screens. This is the highest standard of motorcycle windscreen accessories.


Shop More Puig Accessories with Motorcycle Performance Store

Thanks for reading and if you’d like to take a closer look or purchase the Puig clip on windscreen visor then click here. We also stock a huge range of other Puig accessories & parts, including motorcycle windscreens, mirrors, bar ends, footpegs, belly pans, chain guards, side spoilers, engine guards, frame sliders, hand guards, levers, huggers and more. For our full range head to our Puig accessories page here

Many of the products are universal but some are product specific, so if you have any questions our expert team are more than happy to advise for your bike. Contact us here to talk.


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