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All You Need To Know About The New Termignoni D214 Silencer for the Ducati Supersport 950

All You Need To Know About The New Termignoni D214 Silencer for the Ducati Supersport 950

We’ve got some big news coming straight out of Termignoni HQ for Ducati owners…they’ve announced the release of the new D21409440ITC Racing Silencer with Decat for the Ducati Supersport 950 2021-2022. This will be big news if you own a Supersport as it has the potential to increase your performance, not to mention the look and sound too.

This model follows on from the D181 for the Ducati Supersport 939 / S 2017-2020 models which was a huge hit. We’ve already had a number of enquiries about it before it’s even been officially released, so we can’t wait to finally get them in the shop or to start shipping them.

In our latest blog we’re going to take a closer look at specifications for this game-changing new silencer, when it will be available to purchase and pre-order, as well as optional extras such as T800+ UpMap that will be available for it. We’ll also take a quick look back  at the older model and our wider range of Termignoni Ducati Exhausts. So let’s get into it…


Specifications for The New Termignoni D214 Racing Silencer with Decat for the Ducati Supersport 950 21/22

The devil is in the detail as it always is, and Termignoni knows this better than anyone, having been manufacturing aftermarket exhausts for all kinds of Motorcycle makes for over 50 years now. There’s few in the industry that can rival Termignoni when it comes to quality of the finished product - experience always delivers.

The new Termignoni D214 racing silencer comes with a decat pipe and is in the classic Scream design. It has a titanium sleeve with a carbon fibre end cap and it’s a low mount silencer with a side exit. It also has a removal DB killer too. We should have the performance increase specs soon - once we do, we’ll update this blog with them.

The Ducati Supersport is a powerful bike already, and this lets it pack a little extra punch, maximising your performance. It’s in the title as a racing silencer, but it’s worth noting that it’s non homologated - meaning not road legal and for race purposes only. One more thing, whilst it’s an additional purchase and it doesn’t come with the bike, we would strongly recommend the DNA Performance Air Filter for the Ducati Supersport 950 be bought alongside it.

If you want to hear it in action listen to the bench test (this is for the older model but it will give you a good idea of what to expect) below.




Optional Termignoni T800+ UpMap for the Ducati Supersport 950

The D214 Racing Silencer comes with an optional extra for a T800+ UpMap cable. The faster and more powerful T800+ UpMap device connects to your Ducati via a cable and allows you to experiment with the best mapping settings tested by experts to maximise your performance.

The new UpMap also has double the memory and transfer speed, so it’s able to reprogram new models that will require more memory, reducing the time needed for transferring and reprogramming.  The whole setup can be managed from your smartphone too. New maps for the Supersport 950 are on their way soon. Take a closer look here.


When Can I Buy The Termignoni D214 Racing Silencer?

The short answer is: soon! The longer answer is we don’t have an official release date yet and we’re still waiting on the official pricing to be sent to us from Termignoni before we can start taking pre-orders, but we’re estimating it will be available in late March or early April.

Whilst it can’t be officially pre-ordered yet, we have an enquiry form on the product page for it where you can register your interest, and soon as we have a confirmed price we’ll email you so you can place your pre-order and make sure you’re on the list to ship it to as soon as we have it.

You can find that enquiry form here - register your interest now!


Termignoni D181 Racing Silencer for Ducati Supersport 939 / S 2017-2020

If you have the older Supersport 939 / S model then there’s still options available for you. Termignoni had a D181 Racing Silencer which fits the 2017 - 2020 models.

It has similar specs to the newer model in that it comes in the Scream design, has a titanium sleeve with a carbon fibre end cap and is low mount with a side exit. It also has a removal DB Killer as well as being non homologated.

Compared to the OEM exhaust, it will offer a weight reduction of 5.4 kg, provide increased power of +4,5 hp at 8,900 rpm and give increased torque of +6,2 Nm at 7,800 rpm. There are more performance gains to be had with maps for the Supersport 939 / S T800+ UpMap which again is an optional extra, and once again we’d recommend buying it with a DNA air filter to further improve performance.


Have a closer look at it here.


More Termignoni Ducati Exhausts and Silencers from an Official UK Dealer

Even if you don’t have a Supersport 950 or 939 / S, we might still have something for you. We’ve been an official UK dealer for Termignoni for over 15 years so we stock a range of Ducati Termignoni Exhausts and Silencers for all types of models and years. Whether you own a Panigale, Monster or a Hypermotard we’ll have the perfect aftermarket exhaust or silencer upgrade for you from one of the most reputable and performance increasing brands in the industry.

If you’re thinking about an upgrade but are not quite sure what would be right for your bike or what would give you the biggest benefit in terms of performance, get in touch with one of our team. We’re experts in Termignoni products and would be more than happy to help you make the right decision for what you’re looking for.

That’s about it from us, we hope you’ve found this article helpful. For more industry news or exciting new products,  keep an eye out for our next blog.

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