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Bundle Discounts on Puig, Termignoni, IXIL, QD Exhausts, UpMap & DNA Air Filter Products

Bundle Discounts on Puig, Termignoni, IXIL, QD Exhausts, UpMap & DNA Air Filter Products

Spring is here, summer is on its way and it’s prime riding season. You might be looking at your bike and thinking you could do with an upgrade - maybe a new screen or even considering a new exhaust to help give you a little extra power for the year ahead. Well if this sounds like you, you’re in luck.

This year we’ve decided to put together some bundle discounts for the season ahead so if you were thinking about upgrading for a few things it makes it a little bit cheaper for you… we are in a cost of living crisis after all! Read more below about what products/brands are included and what discount you can get for bulk upgrading with us.


How Much Discount Is On Offer?

In our bundle discount you can get yourself a tidy 10% off across a massive range of essential aftermarket products from some of the top manufacturers of aftermarket parts and accessories  in the industry. As with all discounts, there will be certain terms and conditions on certain products which you can find out more about below. 

This is a bundle discount offer, meaning you’d need to buy 3 or more products across the chosen brands and products in order to qualify for it, so if you were only looking for one thing but had plans in the future it could be in your interest to look for something now whilst you can get it cheaper, or invest in something to give you better performance such as buying a lifetime DNA Air Filter alongside an accessory or exhaust.


What Products and Brands Are Included In The Bundle Discount?

Now for the good bit, what products and brands  you can get included within the 10% discount. We’ve applied the discount across our key aftermarket brands including Puig, Termignoni, IXIL, IXRACE, QD Exhausts, UpMap & DNA Air Filters and it applies to nearly ALL products in these ranges, bar a few. 

To get the discount, you’d need to select 3 products from the above brands in any combination. So that could be a new Puig motorcycle screen, an IXIL exhaust and a DNA Air Filter. Or, if you weren’t looking for an exhaust, you could select 2 Puig accessories such as foot pegs and a downforce side spoiler and then a lifetime air filter from DNA. Here’s an example combination below of what those 3 products could look like:

This is just an example as are the above - we’ve made this as flexible as possible so you can find as many products for your year, make and model of bike which make it as fair as possible for everyone to take advantage of the discount. So as long as you’re selecting products from the brands listed above and meet the terms and conditions for products which are included in the T&Cs below you’ll qualify. This includes selecting 3 products from the same brand like 3 Puig accessories.


Full Terms and Conditions for Bundle Discounts

So, now for the small print, here are the official terms and conditions which need to be met in order for the discount to apply to your order:

  • Bundle discount will be available 30th September 2022
  • Discount applies to products from Puig, DNA Air Filter, Termignoni*, IXIL, IXRACE, UpMap & QD Exhausts
  • *Discount does not apply to Ducati Termignoni exhausts other than Panigale and Multistrada models where it will apply
  • 3 products or more need to purchased in a single transaction to qualify
  • Discount code BUNDLE10 needs to be entered at checkout to get discount


Shop Motorcycle Aftermarket Parts Now

So, now you know how much is on offer and what it applies to, how do you get the discount? Well simply select the 3 products you’d like to purchase and add them to your basket, head to checkout where you need to enter the discount code BUNDLE10 in order to qualify. 

We are official UK and worldwide distributors for all of the brands above and have a large range of stock for all of them, so you should be able to find exactly what you need however if you’ve got any questions about a specific product or the discount offer in general you can talk to one of our team who will be happy to help. Click here to contact us. 

Otherwise, start browsing our range now, see what you can find for your bike and enjoy upgrading for less this summer with the Motorcycle Performance Store.

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