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Motorcycle, Moped & Scooter Top Boxes from Puig Hi-Tech Parts

Motorcycle, Moped & Scooter Top Boxes from Puig Hi-Tech Parts

With the rise of food delivery service, especially during the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, top boxes are becoming more and more popular amongst moped, scooter and motorcycle riders. Of course top boxes have been around in some format for riders personally for a while, but given the rapid rise of people using scooters, mopeds and motorcycles to deliver food the use of them professionally is only growing and doesn’t show any signs of stopping.  As an established manufacturer of aftermarket accessories and products, naturally Puig has launched their own range of top boxes which are made to Puig’s strict standard of quality. Up until this point, the top boxes have been universal, meaning there’s been no specific mounting instructions for riders and they’ve had to find the best way to attach them to their motorbike, scooter or moped directly. 


In this blog we’re going to take a look at the current range of Puig top boxes available (and which are available to buy directly from our store) as well as new mounting instructions which are now available for specific models as Puig continues to innovate in guaranteeing safe and reliable transport of goods by motorcycle. 


The Puig Range of Top Boxes for Scooter, Mopeds and Motorcycles


So first off, we wanted to introduce the range of Puig top boxes which are currently available. The range of top boxes currently come in 3 styles/sizes which are the Puig Big Box, the Puig Maxi Box and the Puig Mega Box. They each offer a different storage size and are currently made to be universal to all motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. It’s worth noting that Puig is not the only manufacturer of top boxes out there, but because we’re an official UK dealer and have such respect and trust in what they do, their range is what we’ve chosen to stock and what we’ll be looking at in this article. So let’s take a look at each of them in a little more detail so you can learn more about the specifics of which of each would offer you.



The Puig Big Box


So first up, let’s look at the Puig Big Box.



The Puig Big box is the first in the range and offers the lowest of the storage capacity of the 3. You can purchase the Puig Big Box in either 60L or 90L size depending on your needs and it’s also available in 3 different colours - red, white or black to give you a choice of style. Our stocked range all include a lock and comes with a top opening lid as standard. They’re made with durable polypropylene and the dimensions of the box depend on the size you get. A 60L puig big box will have the dimensions 430 x 430 x 310mm and the 90L will have dimensions of 480 x 480 x 320mm. Whilst not all models have specific mounting instructions, what is included are 4 mounting brackets with every model. There is also the option to include a spare lock and optional mounting plate too. The price will vary depending on whether optional extras are taken and whether you’re UK based or not (VAT would apply to those based in the UK). Check them out in more detail and buy them directly here.



The Puig Maxi Box


Next up we’re looking at the Puig Maxi Box.



The Maxi Box is one step up in size from the Big Box and offers a 95L storage capacity and they all come in a rear opening lid style as well as including a quick release tab. These boxes specifically are ideal for pizza delivery and the dimensions come in at 520 x 520 x 350mm. As with the Big Box it’s made from polypropylene and comes with 4 mounting brackets supplied which can be used on any make or model, but not all will have specific installation  instructions. The Maxi Box is available in black or white and the models can be purchased either with or without a lock. Each of those models have optional extras for a black tray, spare handle and mounting base plate. Pricing, as with The Big Box, will vary depending on the optional extras chosen, whether you want to lockable or non-lockable versions and where you’re based. Take a look at the pricing and buy the lockable one here or the non-lockable here.


The Puig Mega Box


It’s the big one, now we’re taking a look at the Puig Mega Box.



The Mega Box is the largest in the range, offering 100L storage and a rear opening lid. This model also comes with the option for a lockable or non-lockable version and dimensions for it are 560mm x 520mm x 350mm. It can be purchased in either red, white or black to give you some options for aesthetics and as with the other two models this is also manufactured using polypropylene too. This comes as standard with 4 mounting brackets and optional extras on the Mega Box include a spare lock  and a metallic mounting base plate. The pricing will vary as it has with the other models depending on if you’re UK based and the optional extras you choose, but you can have a closer look at it here to get an idea of what it will cost.


Puig Top Box Thermal Bag


Finally, we’re looking at the Puig top box thermal bags which complement the thermal bag range.



Especially handy for those who are employed in the food delivery sector, the Puig Top Box Thermal bag is made of isothermal material, so you can transport all kinds of products and food without losing their ideal temperature. It comes in a distinctive red colour and has a 48.6 litre capacity which is plenty of carrying a big delivery. It’s 45 x 45 x 24 cm in terms of size and it’s outside and inner material are 100% polyester and PEVA FDA grade with PE Foam Padd. It goes hand in hand with the Puig top box range as it’s compatible with the Big Box and the Maxi Box hence why we’ve included it in this blog - see it up close and personal here.


Puig Top Boxes with Manufacturer and Model Specific Installation Kits


Whilst universal top boxes come with mounting brackets and optional mounting base plates, there hasn’t been any specific mounting kits designed for specific models until recently, when Puig launched them for 3 models. This means that riders now get the specific kits they’ll need to get these on safely and securely as opposed to having to find the ways to best do it depending on what they’re riding. Keep reading and find out more about the specific installation kits Puig have designed for 3 models of bike. It’s worth noting at this point, the specific mounting kits are only available for the Big Box and Maxi Box and are not compatible with the Mega Box models.


 Puig Top Box with Installation Kit For Honda PCX 125 2018 - 2022


The first model specific installation kit for Puig Big Boxes and Maxi Boxes is for the Honda PCX 125 which is popular for both personal and professional use which is why it’s one of the first to get specific installation instructions. Included in the kit is everything you need to mount it to a PCX 125 as well as the instructions from Puig on how to do so you have peace of mind that on your journey it’ll stay secure. These are new releases from Puig and as an official UK dealer we have them stocked and ready to purchase here. Just a reminder again that these are only for Big Boxes and Maxi Boxes and will not be compatible with a Mega Box.




Puig Top Box with Installation Kit For Honda Vision 110 2017 - 2022


Along with Honda PCX 125, Puig have also created a specific installation kit for top boxes for the Vision 110 2017 - 2022 model from Honda. This is another popular choice with riders and installation kit will allow you to quickly and easily set up the top box to provide a secure and level installation perfect for the transport of food or other goods. Everything you need is in the kit - from the metallic base plate to the screws and bolts needed to secure it through to the installation instructions. We have them available in our store right now to complement the top boxes themselves if you have a Vision 110. Once again, these are only applicable to the Big Boxes and Maxi Boxes and will not work with Mega Boxes. You can check out the price and further details right here.




 Puig Top Boxes Installation Kit For Honda Scoopy SH125i 2020 - 2022


Puig has also manufactured a top box installation kit for the Honda Scoopy SH125i for the later 2020 - 2022 models. As with the other Honda models, it’s compatible with the Maxi and Big boxes and it’s perfect for securing the rear case to your scooter for the safe transport of food or objects within the Maxi or Big box you choose and there’s also an option for an optional metallic base and tray kit to come with it. The Installation kit is compatible with any of the colours (available in red, white or black) or options you choose, such as whether the box has a lock, handle or includes straps. It also comes with an instruction booklet to assemble it too. Check out the Puig Maxi Box with Installation Kit for the Honda Scoopy SH125i in more detail here.




Puig Top Boxes Installation Kit For Sym Symphony SR 50, 125 & 150 2011 - 2022


Our next model specific installation kit Puig has manufactured top boxes for the Sym Symphony SR 50cc (2011 -2021), 125 cc (2011 - 2022) and 150cc (2011 - 2018) models which is again a popular model amongst food delivery drivers as that market continues to expand. As with the three Honda models, the mounting kit and instructions which are provided will offer an easy and fast route to getting it attached so it’s secure and level and ready for helping transport food or other goods. The relevant metallic mounting plate and necessary screws and bolts to attach are all included as shown in the picture below. For full details and pricing of the 50cc model click here, 125cc here and 150cc here. Please note, this installation kit is only compatible with the Big Boxes and Maxi Boxes and not the Mega Boxes.




Puig Top Boxes Installation Kit For The Kymco Agility City 50cc & 125cc 2015 - 2022


The final model specific installation kit for the Puig Top Boxes range we stock is for the Kymco Agility City 50cc and 125cc for the 2015 - 2022. As with the other models, the mounting kit is specific and when you purchase the box with the installation kit included it comes with specific instructions for mounting it safely, so you can be safe in the knowledge the goods you are transporting are secure. The boxes for this model also have an optional tray kit for separating food or goods which fits at any height in the box. It’s compatible with the big and maxi boxes. Check it out in more detail and what customisations it includes here for the 50cc model and here for the 125cc model.




More Puig Accessories and Parts Available from Motorcycle Performance Store


We hope you’ve found the details about the Puig range of top boxes and model specific mounting instructions helpful - if you do need any further advice or information on whether they’re right for you or guidance on how to mount if your model and make isn’t one that installation kits have been made for yet, then contact our team. We’re always happy to help and offer our best advice.

Puig has a whole range of accessories and parts available for improving your safety and performance whilst you’re on the road. From motorcycle phone holders all the way through the motorcycle screens, we have one of the largest stock of Puig accessories in the UK. Take a look at what we have here and see if there’s anything you need to upgrade your motorbike. 

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