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Riders fight during motorbike race

Riders fight during motorbike race

Riders Marion Calvo and Jorge Martinez have been banned from racing for two years after fighting on the track at Costa Rica's National Motorbike Championship.

Two motorbike racers have been handed lengthy bans after incredibly fighting each other on track during Costa Rica's Championship race in February.

Jorge Martinez and Marion Calvo started throwing hands after colliding with one another during the first round of Costa Rica's National Motorbike Championship.

One of the riders even ended up riding as a pillion passenger on the other's bike after the collision, moments before the brawl began. 

The extraordinary scenes have led to the Latin American branch of the International Motorcycling Federation dishing out two-year suspensions to both riders for the bizarre brawl.

Two motorbike riders broke out into a fight while racing in Costa Rica's Championship Race

Jorge Martinez and Marion Calvo jockeyed for position on a long straight part of the track

Calvo (right) sent Martinez off balance which led to him clinging on to the back of the bike

Martinez's bike is then sent flying out of the control across the path of other riders

After Calvo pulls over, Martinez (left) gets up to confront his rival during the race

The fight occurred after both Martinez and Calvo jockeyed for position during a close encounter.

As they made their way down a long straight part of the track, Calvo is seen to nudge his rival which saw Martinez lose control before clinging onto the back of Calvo's bike.

Martinez held on as his vehicle careered off the track and into a nearby hill, narrowly avoiding other riders in the process.

With Martinez on the back of his bike, Calvo pulled over to the side before his passenger jumped up to wildly throw a punch in the extraordinary scenes. 

Shockingly, Martinez attacks Calvo by throwing a punch while he's still on his bike

The punch sends Calvo off balance, off his bike and on to the grass off to the side

Calvo then jumps up after the attack to run after Martinez while the race continues

Calvo pushes Martinez while he walks back to collect his bike on the other side of the track

The two then square up following the confrontation before continuing with the race

Martinez runs across the track in front of the other riders before the race was red flagged

The punch sent Calvo off-balance and onto the grass before he retaliated by running up to his aggressor and pushing him in the middle of the track as he walked back to his bike.

The shocking incident occurred while other racers zoomed by on their bikes, causing officials to wave their red flags.

The brawl has resulted in a two-year bans for both riders after they learned their fate on Sunday.



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