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Why should you buy Puig Deflectors for the BMW R1200GS

Why should you buy Puig Deflectors for the BMW R1200GS

The specialist in plastic protections and accessories for the bike improves the aerodynamic protection of the iconic German trail


Puig has just increased its catalogue with the upper deflector (Ref. 9847) and the lower deflector (Ref. 9848) specific for the different versions of the BMW R1200 GS from 2013 to 2018, with which it enriches the wide range of accessories available for this motorcycle

The upper deflector deflects the air flow that impacts on the highest part of the torso of the pilot, which supposes a remarkable improvement of the comfort, especially at high speed.

The lower deflector, on the other hand, derives the air that is directed to the legs which, in addition to improving comfort at a high rate, also protects from the cold in the winter seasons.

As a result of Puig's long experience in the development of aerodynamic accessories for motorcycles, the new deflectors feature aggressive yet simple forms that are integrated naturally into the BMW's original design. They are made of high impact methacrylate with a thickness of 3 mm.

As usual in Puig's product offering, baffles are available in various colors - transparent, light smoked and dark smoked - to suit the preferences of each user. Its assembly is simple and reliable, and does not need conventional tools or prior knowledge of mechanics.

Check out the below pictures. If your interested, clicking here will take you to the product

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