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Yamaha MT-125 2020 Transformed

Yamaha MT-125 2020 Transformed

The New Yamaha MT-125 gets a transformation

Yamaha have revised almost all components of the MT-125, starting with the engine. The newly designed engine features the Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system, which gives a harder-hitting top-end that delivers increased performance from 7,400 rpm through to the maximum power output at 10,000rpm.


Yamaha MT-125 Blue

Moreover the MT-125’s new slipper clutch is extremely light and reduces the level of physical input by the rider. The MT-125 is also equipped with an advanced chassis specification.

As with the previous generation MT-125, the new model will be mechanically identical to the fully-faired R125. That means the 2020 MT-125 will notably feature Yamaha’s ‘VVA’ variable valve system to help achieve the latest Euro 5 emissions limits.

The chassis is much like that of the existing bike, with Yamaha’s typical Deltabox construction, an aluminium swingarm and upside-down forks. However, the styling is a distinctive step forward with the unusual triple headlight arrangement that’s clear to be seen in Yamaha’s teaser image.

On board, there’s the same new instrument panel that appeared on this year’s R125, and thanks to the lack of bodywork the 2020 MT-125 is some 4kg lighter than its faired equivalent, and 2kg lighter than its predecessor, at 138kg ready-to-ride including a full tank of fuel.

The only real change compared to the Indian market MT-15 is the engine’s capacity and performance. The MT-125 will have the same 52mm bore and 58.7mm stroke as the R125, with a 15hp power peak to suit our learner laws. In comparison the 155cc MT-15 has a 58mm bore with the same 58.7mm stroke and a higher 11.6:1 compression ratio (11.2:1 on the MT-125) to reach a peak of 19hp.

Yamaha MT-125 Dash

For 2020 it comes with a wider 140-section rear tyre and a 41mm upside down front fork. A revised riding position as well as a negative LCD display are also exclusive features.

2020 Yamaha MT-125 Key Features

  • New 125cc engine with Variable Valve Actuation 

  • Assist and slipper clutch

  • Dual positions lights; LED headlight 

  • High specification 41mm upside down front forks

  • New Deltabox frame and aluminium swingarm 

  • Wider 140-section rear tyre 

  • Powerful radial-mount front brake caliper 

  • Large diameter 292mm front disc brake 

  • Sophisticated negative LCD instruments 

The MT-125 will be available from December 2019.

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