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Left by 13/7/16 - Les Furness

Left by 13/7/16 - Les Furness

Anyone out there looking for aftermarket parts exhaust cans levers screens etc for their motorcycle look no further than BR Special Tuning and speak to Steve Neville.

This man is worth his weight in gold and will do his utmost to put the right parts on your bike. Whether you are just blinging it up with some snazzy levers or wanting a can or two to enhance the aesthetics and improve the audio give him a ring or check his site on the internet.

He has sorted parts for all my recent bikes over the past couple of years and i am sure he will continue to impart his knowledge and back it with very competetive pricing. 

Steve's Comment: Thank you Les for the lovely commnets and for being a great customer. Both Di and I wish you safe riding

Left by 13/7/16 - Les Furness

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