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UGC T.010.L7

MiVV Suono - TRIUMPH TIGER 1050 2007-12 - T.010.L7 - Ex-display

par MiVV
Prix d'origine £418.00 - Prix d'origine £418.00
Prix d'origine
£418.00 - £418.00
Prix actuel £418.00
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  • Product Code: T.010.L7
    Line: SLIP-ON
    Position: LOW
    Homologation: NOT EU COMPLIANT

    Enhance your motorcycle's aesthetics, sound, and performance with the Mivv SUONO slip-on exhaust. Crafted meticulously, this exhaust is for those who wish to make a statement with their bike's appearance.

    The SUONO range represents a harmonious fusion of aesthetics, innovation, and state-of-the-art technology. Only the finest materials have been utilised to ensure the product's utmost lightness.

    Constructed entirely from brushed stainless steel that's resistant to high temperatures, this silencer is the go-to choice for biking aficionados who have a keen eye for design.

    Unique Design:
    The SUONO exhaust is a masterpiece of Italian design. It stands out as the world's only exhaust with dual carbon end caps, making it the ultimate choice for those in pursuit of a truly exclusive exhaust. Beware of imitations! The genuine SUONO exhaust has unfortunately been replicated by certain online platforms, primarily Asian-based, offering inferior copies with plastic pads, non-compliant sound-absorbing materials, and lacking any type of approval. Remember, the only authentic SUONO is Mivv's original!

    Performance Boost:

    • Power Increase: +6.30HP
    • Torque Increase: +5.82Nm
    • Weight Reduction: -3.35kg


    Version Max Power (HP) RPM Max Torque (Nm) RPM Weight (kg)
    STOCK 109.26 9,250 92.89 4,250 6.00
    MIVV 115.56 9,250 98.71 7,350 2.65





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