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Full Throttle Chronicles - 27/07/23

Full Throttle Chronicles - 27/07/23

Introducing the New CFMoto 700MT Adventure Tourer: A Road-Biased Powerhouse

Introducing the New CFMoto 700MT Adventure Tourer: A Road-Biased Powerhouse

CFMoto has recently unveiled its latest addition to the adventure touring lineup, the 700MT. Positioned between the existing 650MT and 800MT models, the 700MT is designed as a road-biased adventure tourer, set to hit the market later this month.

The 700MT is powered by a 693cc parallel-twin engine, a derivative of the Kawasaki ER6 range. It boasts a respectable 66.1bhp at 6000rpm and 44.3lbft of torque at 7250 rpm, all nestled within a chromoly-steel-tube chassis.

The bike's suspension system features a set of 43mm upside-down forks at the front and a side-mounted monoshock rear shock controlling the aluminium swing arm. With 140mm and 45mm of suspension travel for the front and rear respectively, the 700MT is well-equipped for dual-purpose riding.

The 218kg bike is slowed by a pair of 300mm J.Juan discs at the front and a single 240mm disc at the rear. ABS comes as standard to meet Euro5 standards. The bike rides on 17-inch Pirelli tyres, with a 120-section at the front and a 160 at the rear, which somewhat limits its off-road capabilities.

The 700MT features a five-inch TFT display providing information on speed, RPM, fuel level, and more. The dash also includes Type A and Type B USB plugs, allowing riders to charge and connect their devices on the go. With a seat height adjustable from 820mm to 840mm and an 18-litre fuel tank, the 700MT promises a comfortable ride and impressive range across various terrains.

Additional features include a redesigned screen for improved aerodynamics, LED lights for superior visibility, and a multi-plate, wet clutch for smooth power delivery.

The CFMoto 700MT will be available in two colour schemes, Nebula White and Nebula Black, from UK dealers starting mid-July 2023. The bike is set to retail at £6699 on the road. This release follows the announcement that KTM would take over distribution for CFMoto in the UK and Ireland from January 2023.

With the backing of Pierer Mobility, the Austrian conglomerate behind KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas, and the WP Suspension brand, CFMoto plans to recruit up to 30 new dealers. The 700MT is a testament to CFMoto's commitment to expanding its range and delivering high-quality motorcycles to riders around the world.



KTM Unveils the 300 EXC Hardenduro: Built for the Toughest Terrains

KTM Unveils the 300 EXC Hardenduro: Built for the Toughest Terrains

KTM has announced the addition of a new model to their 300 EXC lineup, the Hardenduro. This bike, priced at £11,499, is designed to tackle the most challenging enduro competitions with ease.

The 300 EXC Hardenduro is based on the 2024 EXC model, powered by a 48.3bhp 300cc two-stroke engine that weighs a mere 24.6kg. The engine is housed in a new frame, with the bike suspended by 48mm WP cartridge forks and a WP monoshock.

To ensure the bike can withstand the harshest terrains, KTM has equipped the Hardenduro with several new protective parts. These include closed hand guards, disc brake guards, and a composite bash plate to shield the underside of the single-cylinder engine.

Enduro rider Manuel Lettenbichler has already given the 2024 300 EXC Hardenduro his seal of approval. Lettenbichler, who won the 2022 Hard Enduro World Championship title, started his 2023 campaign with victories at the Red Bull Erbergrodeo and Xross Hard Enduro Rally.

Available in dealerships from July 2023, the 300 EXC Hardenduro also features frame protectors, model-specific graphics, multiple electronic maps, new handlebar padding, and a ribbed diamanté seat. The bike rides on black-spoked D.I.D rims with orange-anodized hubs, fitted with Metzeler MCE 6 Days Extreme tyres. And, of course, it wouldn't be a KTM without an orange frame and plenty of anodising.

The KTM 300 EXC Hardenduro is a testament to KTM's commitment to creating bikes that can conquer any terrain. For more information, visit With its robust build and high-performance features, the Hardenduro is set to become a favourite among enduro riders worldwide.



BMW R18 'The Crown': A Custom Masterpiece Unveiled

BMW R18 'The Crown': A Custom Masterpiece Unveiled

BMW has unveiled a unique custom motorcycle, the BMW R18 'The Crown', which stands as a testament to a century of BMW motorcycle production. This one-of-a-kind creation is the brainchild of custom builder Dirk Oehlerking, founder of Kingston Custom.

Oehlerking describes the R18 'The Crown' as the "essence of my creations to date." The project began with a new BMW R18, which was then stripped down. Oehlerking used hard foam and cardboard to create the shape, lines, and design of the bike, aiming for a look that was "powerful, elegant, and fast combined with an innovative look."

The streamlined body of the motorcycle is crafted from aluminium sheet metal, giving it a sleek, modern appearance. The front suspension has been redesigned with a double-sided swinging arm and central suspension strut.

Among the bespoke components are the 8-litre fuel tank and body panels, handcrafted from 2mm thick aluminium sheet metal. The clutch and handbrake fittings are from Magura, and there's a rear mudguard and brackets from Wunderkind. The saddle, also made from 2mm thick aluminium sheet metal and covered with genuine leather, adds a touch of luxury.

Despite the extensive customization, some original parts remain integrated into 'The Crown'. These include the engine, rear suspension, headlight, instrument panel, switch units, and footrest system. The 1800cc engine is paired with two hand-made stainless steel exhaust manifolds.

The finishing touch is a Champagne Platinum paint finish with mother-of-pearl, complemented by the BMW brand emblem adorned with a small crown. The unveiling of this custom masterpiece took place during the BMW Motorrad Days, a celebration of the company’s centenary, held in Berlin between July 7 and 9.

The BMW R18 'The Crown' is a testament to the innovative spirit of BMW and the creative genius of Dirk Oehlerking. It's a unique blend of power, elegance, and speed, showcasing the limitless possibilities of motorcycle customization.



Triumph Speed 400: A Small Bike with Big Potential

Triumph Speed 400: A Small Bike with Big Potential

Triumph has been a name synonymous with motorcycle excellence for many years, and their latest offering, the Speed 400, is no exception. This all-new retro motorcycle for 2024 has been designed to appeal to a broad range of riders, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.

The Speed 400 is Triumph’s first small capacity, entry-level, A2-compliant model of the modern era. It's been designed to be more accessible in terms of price, size, and performance, making it an attractive option for riders in Europe. Additionally, it's poised to tap into the vast, blossoming markets in India and Asia.

The Speed 400 is the first model in Triumph’s TR-series platform, developed in collaboration with Indian automotive giant, Bajaj. This partnership provides Triumph with small-capacity specialism, a ready-made Eastern-market distribution network, and the benefit of Bajaj’s volume, which helps to keep prices low.

The heart of the TR-series platform is a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled 398cc single-cylinder motor making 39.5bhp at 8000rpm and 27.7lb.ft at 6500rpm, married to a six-speed gearbox, and hung inside a steel perimeter frame.

The Speed 400's design and finish are on par with the rest of the Triumph range, boasting high-quality switchgear, grips, machined frame bolts, lacquered-in graphics, and charming mock cooling fins. The plush bench seat and non-adjustable 43mm big piston forks and rear monoshock provide a comfortable ride, smoothing out potholes as if they didn't exist.

The Speed 400's handling is impressive, with a wheelbase of only 1377mm and steering geometry close to that of the sweet-steering Triumph Street Triple. The bike effortlessly dances through turns with seemingly no input through the bars whatsoever. Yet it does so in a very neutral, composed manner.

The TR-series motor has been tuned for a broad spread of torque rather than outright peak power. This tuning gives the TR-series motor that signature Triumph broad, flat torque curve, allowing for easy overtakes in higher gears without the need to get busy with the gear lever.

The Speed 400 is a bike that punches above its weight. It feels unstressed and easily accelerates at motorway speeds, showing 6000rpm in sixth gear at 70mph. The live fuel economy gauge reports 90mpg while cruising on the dual carriageway, suggesting a tank range of over 200 miles.

In conclusion, the Triumph Speed 400 is a home-run for the new TR-series platform, thanks to its quality looks, charm, and performance that'll appeal to new riders as well as more experienced ones. We look forward to its official launch in December, where we'll give you our definitive verdict.




Hold On Tight: Pillion Speed World Record Shattered by Millyard and Cole

Hold On Tight: Pillion Speed World Record Shattered by Millyard and Cole

TV personalities Henry Cole and Allen Millyard have made history by setting a new speed record for two-up riding, reaching an astonishing 183.5mph. The duo achieved this feat on Millyard’s custom-built 8000cc Viper V10 naked bike.

The UK&ITA record was set at Elvington, where Cole and Millyard accelerated from a standing start to their record-breaking speed over a distance of 1.25 miles. This achievement surpasses the previous Guinness World Record of 181.426mph, established by Erin Hunter and Andy Sills in September 2011.

Millyard, who rode the 13-year-old homemade bike on the day, shared his experience with MCN. “I’m on a homemade bike that weighs 600kg with no fairing,” he said. “I’ve got that to manage and then I’ve got someone on the back. It’s like having a topbox on the back of your bike, full of cement,” he joked. Despite the challenges, Millyard was cautious and careful, gradually increasing their speed throughout the day.

In addition to the two-up riding record, the pair also set a new one-mile, standing start speed record of 178.614mph. They covered 29 miles up and down the Yorkshire runway on the day, with the bike having previously broken the 200mph barrier with Millyard alone at the helm.

Henry Cole, during a recent MCN Premium online Q&A event, shared his excitement about the record attempt. “I got the nod from Allen, and he said to me: ‘Do you fancy going on the back of my bike? I want to attempt the land speed record for two-up on a motorcycle,’” Cole recalled. “We had a right laugh, but I’ve got to tell you it was a struggle!”

The record-breaking attempt was featured on the July 10 episode of the Motorbike Show on ITV4. If you missed it or want to watch it again, you can catch up on ITVX online.

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