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How your bike could look with Puig Accessories

How your bike could look with Puig Accessories

PUIG designs, manufactures, and distributes its own products since 1964.

The experience throughout these years is directly applied to each and every single product designed. For this reason, PUIG has been able to acquire the trust of many professional riders and motorcyclists that have used and are still using till this day. 

Our commitment to plan, carry out, and distribute quality products, which are able to improve the OEM equipment of the motorcycle and motorcyclist on technology and safety performances, is achieved thanks to the sinergy of the PUIG team whose values are always related to the best product development.

The Technolgy is, in this industry, a must. From the very beginning PUIG has entrusted its future to it. On top of a continued improvement on quality products through "Technology Integration, PUIG nowadays has a specialised department of design and development of new products, creating, adapting, and testing all new products that year by year are being included in our catalogue.

If you would like to see the full range of Puig products. You can view the catalogue here

Below are some samples of Puig Products fitted to bikes. Enjoy

Puig Accessories
Puig Accessories 1
Puig Accessories 2
Puig Accessories 3
Puig Accessories 3
Puig Accessories 4
Puig Accessories 5
Puig Accessories 6
Puig Accessories 7
Puig Accessories 8
Puig Accessories 9
Puig Accessories 10
Puig Accessories 11
Puig Accessories 13
Puig Accessories 14
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