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Why Puig Motorcycle Parts are Essential Aftermarket Products

Why Puig Motorcycle Parts are Essential Aftermarket Products

As many experienced riders will know, the original manufacturer stock parts which come with your motorcycle are not necessarily the best for what you’re looking for from your bike and how you want to use it. For example, if you were looking to go on tour stock screens don’t always offer the best protection and wind deflection for long journeys, and this is a similar story with other parts and accessories. 

The next question is, how do you choose the best custom part to replace them with? That’s what we’re going to be looking at in this blog and specifically, Puig Hi-Tech Parts. We’re going to take you through who Puig are, some of their best-selling products, the research and development that goes into them and why their accessories are must have aftermarket parts for your motorcycle.

Puig Hi-Tech Parts Research and Development

Puig Hi-Tech Parts was founded in 1964 in Spain, but the Puig brothers, originally under the name "Industrial Plástico Puig". From a 100 sq.m garage in Granollers, they started manufacturing complete fairings in polyester fiber for Derbi and Vespa. The Puig mission is to plan, carry out, and distribute quality products, which are able to improve the OEM equipment of the Motorcycle technology, safety and performance. It’s this commitment that reinforces the trust that professional riders and motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world have in their products.

Over the years and since then the company has come on leaps and bounds, with offices in their native Spain, France and now also the USA as well as now exporting their products to over 60 countries around the world. What’s made them so successful in becoming a market leader for aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories? Easy, the research and development which goes into each and every product they design and manufacture.

Puig are constantly setting new standards by looking at new technologies and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by looking to the future, not what’s available in the present. They have a dedicated department for the design and development of their products and are consistently creating, adapting and testing new products which will benefit riders. In 2004, they took their research to the next level by introducing their virtual wind tunnel, an essential tool which they now use in the design of all their products, finding unique shapes which combine aerodynamic efficiency with better wind protection.


Puig Factory


Puig Screens

One of Puig’s most popular products are Motorcycle Screens. They develop windscreens and windshields for a huge range of manufacturers and in different types, which includes:

The screens are designed and developed aided by the virtual wind tunnel, helping them find the right shape which will not only improve aerodynamics but also ease a rider’s experience on a bike by minimising wind blast. This improves the safety of your bike, as well as aiding performance and of course, adding style.

For a specific example of improvements which can be made, Puig have recently developed a new R-Racer screen for the Aprilia RS660 which increases wind protection by 43% and the same piece manages to reduce the pressure equivalent to 0.810Kg. See it in action here.

It’s this attention to detail and vigorous research and investigation which allows them to offer the best quality products the market has to offer.

View our full range of Puig Motorcycle Screens here and find the right fit for your bike.



Puig Motorcycle Mirrors

Another of Puig’s most recognised aftermarket upgrade products are the motorcycle mirrors they produce, again using their experience and knowledge of the industry to develop products which use the latest technology to improve your safety, performance and style whilst riding.

They’re manufactured to the high specification of all Puig products and for different motoring trends, with different models being more suited to the action you need them for, whether it’s touring, racing or simply commuting/leisure purposes. We stock:

Which are available in aluminium black or silver, a thread adapter will be supplied and a fairing adapter available to purchase if required. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed to improve your safety and the style of your bike.

View our range of Puig rear view mirrors here and see which style would most suit your motorcycle.


Puig Mirrors


Puig Frame Sliders

Frame sliders are the best solution to protect one of the most vulnerable parts of your bike which make them an absolute essential part. As with all their products, a high level of attention to detail is applied in the design of these products to ensure that not only is your bike getting the best protection but that the design will also improve the look too.

They’re manufactured using materials which are resistant to impacts but with minimal weight so performance and aesthetics are not affected, which make them the very best option to cover this important area. Again, reinforcing their commitment to research and development providing the end user with products which are the very best the market can offer whilst working with the original look of your motorcycle.

We provide a range of Puig frame sliders including the Pro Frame Sliders and R12 Crash Bungs for some of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. They’re available in a selection of colours too, so we have options to suit your style.

View our full range of Puig Frame Sliders we stock here and find the style and design which matches your bike.


R19 Frame Sliders


Puig Rear Huggers

The final Puig product we’re going to put the spotlight on are Puig rear huggers. A rear hugger will follow the outline of the rear tyre and act as a protective guard, preventing mud and water from being flung up to the rear shocker/underside of the bike. As well as keeping the bike clean, it will also prevent stones from flying up and chipping the bodywork, alloy parts and the rear shock.

Puig rear huggers are manufactured with the highest quality materials and specifically designed so that they can adapt to any manufacturer model and with easy installation (which includes the mounting kit and the Puig installation guide).  They will provide full protection for the rear shock and linkages above and below the swinging arm brace. They come in a range of models and finishes and can include chain guards for additional protection too.

View our full range of Puig Huggers here.


Puig Hugger -  KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R/S/T 2015-20


Buy Puig Screens, Mirrors, Frame Sliders, Huggers and more from Motorcycle Performance Store

So now we’ve covered who Puig are, the research and development that goes into their products and some of their most popular ranges for riders, the only thing left to do now is decide what parts you’d like to upgrade on your bike and make a purchase to see the difference they can make.

The products listed above are not an exhaustive list of what Puig supplies or what we stock specifically and as an official UK distributor for Puig, we stock a large selection of their products and parts to enhance the performance and safety of your motorcycle. This includes Puig Screens, Puig Motorcycle Mirrors, Puig Huggers, Puig Tail Tidies, Puig Hand Guards, Puig Frame Sliders, Puig Belly Pans, Puig Upper & Lower Deflectors and more. To see the full range and start planning your upgrades click here or on one of the above links.

Thanks for reading and if you’d like any additional information or advice on what product or part might be best for your motorcycle, don’t hesitate to contact one of our expert team here who will walk you through the products and help you make a decision.

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