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Chain Monkey Bananaslip Chain Wax 500 ml

by Chain
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  • Chain Monkey Bananaslip Chain Wax 

    BananaSlip anti-fling PTFE Chain Wax is perfect for motorcycle and motorsport chains that will experience prolonged cycles and high impact environmental conditions.

    Our unique formulation penetrates deep into the links of the chain before drying externally to leave a protective layer against water and dirt.

    By producing an ultra long lasting wax, BananaSlip keeps the joints of the chain well lubricated and reduces frictional losses between the chain and the sprocket up to twice as long as traditional chain oils. As a result, BananaSlip Chain Wax not only lubricates and protects but also enhances performance and the life of moving components.

    • Improve Performance
    • Prolomg Sprocket Life
    • Increase Chain Life
    • Optimise Power Delivery
    • Smoother Ride
    • Please note - Compatible with standard O, X and X-Ring chains

    Directions of use

    • Step 1 : Ensure your chain is clean, dirt free and dry before applying
    • Step 2 : Evenly apply to all surfaces of the chain
    • Step 3 : Leave to dry for 5 minutes before use

    If you have any questions or would like more information on this product, please contact us using the green chat app.

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