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SKU P-H65S19-01


by DNA
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  • Upgrade Your Honda CB 650R (RA) with the DNA Performance Air Filter

    Unmatched Performance, Lifetime Durability:

    • Elevate your bike's performance with the DNA Performance Air Filter designed specifically for the Honda CB 650R (RA). This high-quality, next-generation filter boasts a multi-layer cotton gauze, oil-impregnated design that eliminates the need for replacements.

    Key Features and Benefits:

    • Performance Boost: Experience an increase in air flow with the DNA Air Filter. Compared to the OEM filter, enjoy a remarkable improvement with a 27.93% increase in air flow, enhancing your bike's overall performance.
    • Efficiency: The DNA Air Filter boasts an impressive filtering efficiency of 98-99%, ensuring optimal protection for your engine.
    • Longevity: Crafted with a 4-layer surgical cotton gauze and epoxy coated marine-grade aluminum wire mesh, this filter is designed to last the entire lifespan of your vehicle. The result is a Lifetime Warranty, backed by high-quality materials and meticulous manufacturing.

    Advanced Design & Manufacturing:

    • The filter's design incorporates four layers of surgical cotton gauze between two layers of epoxy-coated marine-grade aluminium wire mesh. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes guarantee high flow rates, low restriction, superior dust holding capability, and a streamlined air flow stream.

    Special Oil Technology:

    • DNA's special oil, developed through intensive testing and produced by a leading oil company, plays a critical role in the filtration process. This unique oil creates a static charge, attracting even the finest dust particles towards the filter.

    Maintenance and Care:

    • The DNA Air Filter requires minimal care and can be easily rejuvenated with the optional DNA Service Kit. After approximately 3000 miles or when dirty, follow the cleaning instructions in the service kit, allow the filter to dry, re-oil, and it's ready for use – a simple process to keep your filter performing like new.

    If you have any questions or would like more information on this product, please contact us using the green chat app.

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