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SKU OL-2100


by DNA
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    How to protect your vehicle

    • Always use the DNA air filter oiled with the special DNA oil, never without oil
    • Note - The DNA Filter comes pre-oiled from the factory 
    • Service the DNA filter every 10,000-25,000 km depending on the environment you are using the filter

    How to protect your DNA Performance Filter

    • Always use the special DNA service kit
    • Never use petrol, diesel, thinners, solvents, compressor air or high pressure water
    • Never dry using hot air or near a heater

    Race use

    • FOR ROAD RACING - Always use a factory pre-oiled and air flow tested DNA air filter for maximum performance.
    • FOR OFF ROAD RACING - Use DNA sealing grease on the sealing surface of the filter, service and test the filter at least 2-3 days before the race meeting.
    • FOR EXTREME CONDITIONS - Like desert racing or enduro racing, it is preferable to use a slightly over oiled filter that has been used 1-2 hours in practice

    Step 1

    • Bring the DNA bottle you would like to de-seal in front of you, together with a pair of LATEX gloves and a pair of pliers. You will need the pliers to de-seal the bottle and the latex gloves to avoid spilling the liquid on your hands. Unscrew the bottle cap and remove the special sealing gasket as well for re-using it after servicing your filter.

    Step 2

    • After you unscrew the bottle cap, you must take the pliers and grab the sealed top of the bottle. Please grab the sealing cap and a small amount of the bottle head. Pull the pliers up with enough force to remove the sealing cap but not hurt yourself.

    Step 3

    • After the de-sealing of the bottle, please close the bottle again with the supplied sealing gasket and tighten firmly.

    Oiling the DNA Performance Filter using the special oil

    • Cut the tip of the DNA air filter oil bottle and apply oil to the edge of every pleat, by moving slowly across the filter and resting the tip of the bottle on the edge of each pleat. Squeeze the bottle lightly to allow a uniform line of oil on the pleat edge. On large pleats over 20mm high, oil each pleat twice. It is not necessary to use all of the oil.
    • Attention - Do not use engine oil or other oils that are not specially designed for your DNA air filter. Doing so couls clog or damage your filter. As a result, you will have low performance and void your warranty.
    • Allow the oil to be absorbed by the cotton for at least one hour. Afterwards, check if the filter has a uniform light red colour. In case there are white sections, re-oil only these sections. If you apply excessive oil, do not worry, it will be drawn away by the air stream after 10-20km of road use.

    If you have any questions or would like more information on this product, please contact us using the green chat app.

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